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just my random thoughts. pointless

ths same day the kid at starbucks called me ma’am, i had to explain to my that i knew who the ramones are – she has a clock in her room. i went on to tell her i saw the ramones at the hollywood palladium – when joey ramone was alive(duh). i should have kept my mouth shut. it was one of those times…the more i talked, the more i should have been quiet.
talk about feeling old!


God – my relationship with…an understanding of a commitment. learning that when i ask, i have to accept the answer (yes, no, maybe so). when i say i will, i better be ready to do.

my husband – together discovering a “whole nudda level” of love. faith in one another.

children – over abundance of love. new found patience and understanding. lots of pure joy!

family / friends – comforting, uplifting, forgiving!…

the opportunities that i have “to do work son”; not my mine, but His.

confession: i like dancing with the stars.  my mom came out from ca for a visit two years ago.  she was already an addict and now i’m addicted. 

confession:  i’m a kim kardashian fan.  i think she is gorgeous and has a sweetness about her.  yes, i watch her reality show (2 confessions in that one 1- i’m watching a reality show, 2-hers.)

but (no pun intended) please,  the song she danced to tonight was just tacky considering her aka is the tush!  “baby got back” by sir mixalot.  i was embarrassed!

the end

have you ever tried to list your all-time favorite songs?  what if you had to list your top 5?  yes, just 5.  i’ve been trying to do this for days.  music has been such an important element in my life. 

i have so many great memories of music/songs, and bands included. songs are like smells.  they have the ability to take me back in time, energize me, chill me out, put me to sleep, make me grouchy (country), laugh, dance.  depending on the song, it can make me melancholy when remembering passed loved ones – or happy!   i love it when i wake up singing (usually praise) – starts my day off better (because mornings are cruel).

remember when…mom snagged my motley crew tape (yes, i said tape) -she never gave it back.  she was mad dad bought it , after she said no. (divorced parents).

remember when…the first time i heard “white wedding” (and fell in love with) billy idol – on my way to a dentist appointment?

remember when…the first time i heard “i can only imagine”. how i felt while listening to the words.  who introduced me to the song and how that person is still a catalyst in my spiritual growth.

at my ripe old age of 30-ish, i sometimes wonder what songs i want played at my funeral.  yes, i have a list, back of my Bible.  no, shout at the devil is not on the list, but the red hot chili peppers are…wouldn’t that be fun?  you guys would have to listen to my favorites. and no you can’t turn it off!  or change it.  or turn it down. 

can you list your top 5?  let me know.

why?…because it’s my favorite number.

so i have bloggers block.  thanks for asking.

actually, i really have to share with you some of the cool rides God has taken us on.