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Category Archives: fashion

i’ve always been drawn to the color black.  i think there is something “clean” about it.  there is no arguing with it – it just is.  simple.  i think it matches every thing and every color.  it makes a statement on its own or adds a punch of finality.  even before chanel re-vamped it – yes, they single handedly caused the black revolution – black was my color.  if black was a color and i had to choose a color, i would choose black.  i like red and green (seperately), turquoise, but they come and go – black is a classic.

but black lipstick?!  really?  it hit the runway(s) way back in february!  ysl, zac posen.  even lancome! has launched a black lipstick. 



do you know how white your teeth have to be in order to pull this off?  they have to be translucent like regis’.  not to mention the up-keep in making sure your lips aren’t chapped, smugged and you better have beautifully balanced lips. 

we are being hit with the ads in the mags now, actually during the fall season.  i couldn’t believe it then and i can’t believe it now.

for all you non-goth people, go with a dark berry, cranberry is hot and mauve, mauve it so in this season!


p.s. if you see me wearing black lipstick, smack me!