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Category Archives: family

well, guess what isabel’s (4) bedtime song was…no, not Jesus loves me like i started. how about mama mia. yes that is what she requested! so that is what i sang, on top of her bed with my fake, air microphone & wearing my silver platform boots (in my head, i don’t really have them).

mama mia, here i go again
my, my how can i resist you?..
mama mia does it show again
my, my just how much i’ve missed you?

i think she has an “auntie” that has influenced her.


as a mother of four children, 2 dogs, a cat, a fish and a husband, some days i can hardly wait for bedtime.  i look at the clock, its only 4:30 and i can’t believe there are 4 more hours until bedtime!  the kids are bouncin off the walls, the dogs trailing the kids or trying to befriend the cat, dinner needs to be made – you get the picture. 

this weekend turned out to be unusually quiet. 2 of the 4 children were gone, leaving the 7 and 3.5 year olds.  the kids were getting along so well i found myself verbalizing, “so this is what it would like if we had just 2 kids.  it’s almost too quiet.”

i am thankful for my crew; no matter how tired or overwhelmed i may feel some days.