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have you ridden a ride one too many times and got motion sickness?  have you wanted to ride a roller coaster from a far (believe me, i wasn’t admiring this one), but once the harness bar comes down, you know you want off.  are you too embarrassed to tell the person checking the safety belts, you want off?

i’m there.



  1. As I’ve gotten older I’ve actually developed a fondness for roller coasters and other adventures (literally and figuratively). But there was a day when I not only wanted off the roller coaster, but the planet as well. Phew … I’m glad that season has passed.

    Something tells me you’ve got the moxie to endure – – ride or no ride.

    Be blessed,

  2. I think you can handle the “ride”. Hang on tight and flash that beautiful smile. It will pull back into the station soon!

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