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recently, i was told by someone that i love, that i think life is a “social hour”.  “what’s wrong with that?”, i thought.  though i didn’t vocalize my thought because i didn’t feel like having to explain (dreaded, long process – wouldn’t convince the person otherwise), i merrily traveled to my weekly “coffee” with the girls.  all the while thinking about the statement, wondering, “was being irresponsible?”

yes…i had an errand or two i could have gotten done beforehand, but nothing pressing.  nothing serious enough that i had to run around like a chicken without a head, miss my coffee time, go into work frazzled but in slow motion because i didn’t get my daily coffee requirement(s). 

it’s a great time to just hang without an agenda.  some of us are passing through on our way to work, others get to stay for longer, but laughter is always present. 

who says life has to be so serious?



  1. I think that’s call “wisdom”! Some never get it. Others discover early that life with friends & a cup of coffee is about as good as it gets. The other stuff? It’ll wait!


  2. I’m with you! Life is way too short to run around frazzled all the time. I’ve recently figured out that we can’t do 1000 things and do them all well so we need to slow down and focus on what’s really important!

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