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i like paper.  i like stationary.  i used to have a bad habit named “papyrus”  where purchases have reached, mmm…yeah, purchases have reached…  happy to say, habit broken!  my husband is happy too.

so, currently, i have notepads and notebooks.  all kinds of things are written on them – notes, lists, thoughts, websites, recipes, cake combinations, and more.  why don’t i use my trio to store this information?   

why is it hard to toss out the numerous pieces of paper with my notes on it?  especially when i know i can “google” just about anything?



One Comment

  1. With me, it’s pens and highlighters. I don’t own a book that isn’t colored up to help me remember important items. Problem is, I never go back to re-read or to remember. Oh well, gimme those highlighters anyway!

    Kudos on your blogs! It’s like having cyber-notes. Way cool.


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