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confession: i like dancing with the stars.  my mom came out from ca for a visit two years ago.  she was already an addict and now i’m addicted. 

confession:  i’m a kim kardashian fan.  i think she is gorgeous and has a sweetness about her.  yes, i watch her reality show (2 confessions in that one 1- i’m watching a reality show, 2-hers.)

but (no pun intended) please,  the song she danced to tonight was just tacky considering her aka is the tush!  “baby got back” by sir mixalot.  i was embarrassed!

the end



  1. Me too. Between American Idol and Dancing w/the Stars I wile away at lest 2 – 3 hours a week. How extravagant!

    I’m sorta having some fun watching Lance Bass. I think he has a healthier side that may (just MAY) be coming out.

    Fun stuff.


  2. What is the deal with susan lucci??? That girl gets around show to show!!!! I wish I had her body! I hope she stays for a while…melisha

  3. I’ve never watched that show before. I always hear such wonderful things about it but I don’t know if I should really get hooked on anything else right now :o)

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