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during the last year, my husband and i have endured some of life’s challenges, which included financial uncertainties.  things i didn’t think i/we would ever experience.  but it happened.  slowly, but once the ball starts rolling, it’s sometimes hard to stop. 

during this time, things had gotten really wobbly.  there were times when we were living day to day.  however, compromising my faith / relationship with God or my husband were not an option.  just as simple as that.  it’s a concious decision i make daily.  i took vows with my husband nearly 11 years ago, and they are stronger today than ever.  during hard times, relationships tend to go in 1 of 2 directions. you can drift apart, blame and resent. or you can look at the situtaion, agree it’s junk and grab onto each other tightly.  you draw strength from one another and go for the ride…and it’s a wild one!  

my relationship with God is no different!  if i love God, really love God, then i’m also making the daily decision to grab onto Him tightly!  what we are going through is tough sometimes, but it would be tougher without believing in a big God.  where would my hope come from?  what would i tell my children if i chose not to honor God but blame him instead?  “sorry honies, i believe in God, but i believe in myself more because i can fix_______.”  or “i used to believe in God, but not anymore because we are going through something he is not fixing the way i want it fixed.”  yeah, that’s not for me.  because i believe in an awesome God, who loves me, knows my heart and my next step, even before i do.  so if i call myself a christian, then i’m going to live it – in the good times and the bad. 

though this journey has not been an easy one, i am thankful for enduring it with God and my husband.  for i have experienced a strength in my relationships that are truely a higher level of love.

i have witnessed God’s provisions right before me!  and if you slowed down long enough, he’s all around.  everyday.



  1. Way to go, Michelle! Yours is a testimony so vital, not to mention relevant. I’m also glad to see you blogging. Be blessed! Kathleen

  2. So good to see you blogging! I love the title, it sounds like something you would say ;o)

    I’m sorry to hear about all the trials and tests you have been going through! Life is rough but I’m so glad to know that we have friends and family who are always by our side and a God who never fails. Hang in there and let me know if there is anything you need!

    Love you guys!

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