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it’s crazy to come into contact with “things” that you have just to have, just in case…it’s crazy to actually see the excess of kitchenware, toys, clothes, books (which, i never have understood the reason why i’ve kept them. i’ve read them – rarely do i re-read a book, so why do i have them?)  and that word, excess has been laying heavy on me lately.  i have excess and why when so many have so little?  why did i ever need two sets of knives and a few choice knives?  i don’t.  i definately think i can live without most of my belongings.  so i have been challenged…my husband recently throw out a word that has always interested me – minimalist.  i think there are many different degrees, so to speak, of living this type of lifestyle.  and for me, it’s an awareness of being a good steward.  it will enable me to better serve and give to others.  because i don’t need two sets of knives.  


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  1. Hi Michelle,

    I found my way over here via Julie’s blog and thought I’d leave a note. So… HELLO.

    Now my note is finished;)

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  1. By Could you give it all up?- Julie Gumm on 07 Mar 2010 at 11:45 pm

    […] What could I do without? What would be hardest to give up? My friend Michelle recently moved their family of 6 and her and her husband are trying to go very minimalist. […]

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