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Monthly Archives: June 2008

there is more to this minimalist thing than i realized.  it’s forcing me to be organized, especially in my office. i have a thing for notebooks and notepads.  as i am in the process of unpacking my office, i can easily get rid of “things”  that serve no purpose other than decor.  but my notes with information…well, i have to decide if they are worth keeping.  really, some of the information is challenging me to let go – as if i couldn’t find it on google.  minimalism is not just about stuff, it’s a mental process of letting go, as well.  for me, it’s mostly about contentment.


it’s crazy to come into contact with “things” that you have just to have, just in case…it’s crazy to actually see the excess of kitchenware, toys, clothes, books (which, i never have understood the reason why i’ve kept them. i’ve read them – rarely do i re-read a book, so why do i have them?)  and that word, excess has been laying heavy on me lately.  i have excess and why when so many have so little?  why did i ever need two sets of knives and a few choice knives?  i don’t.  i definately think i can live without most of my belongings.  so i have been challenged…my husband recently throw out a word that has always interested me – minimalist.  i think there are many different degrees, so to speak, of living this type of lifestyle.  and for me, it’s an awareness of being a good steward.  it will enable me to better serve and give to others.  because i don’t need two sets of knives.  

we are moving.  a family of 6 is moving – that’s a lot of stuff!  i have casually been packing for a week or so.  i thought i was about halfway through with the entire house.  then, our move date got bumped by almost a week – i had to kick it in gear.  and with two days left before the truck gets here, i have been stuck in the kitchen for most of the day.  Now, you gotta understand, we’ve purge throughout the year – always in spring, but definatley before and after christmas.  but seriously, i spent hours in the kitchen and i thought i had most of it packed last week!  well…at least half of it anyways.

i do. i really do.  we just started a new series with a bunch of other churches called “One Prayer”  it’s life changing, thought provoking, action challenging, faith testing, self examining, truth revealing!  you gotta hear PG (as in Pastor Greg) speak.  he’s fantastic!  check it out – I mean it’s wednesday and i’m still processing it.  go to palm valley and start with june 7/8.

if i had a blog…

i don’t know what i would write.  i have been trying to be reluctant about this whole thing, but obviously i’ve conceded.  so basically this blog may not have a rhyme or reason.  it just may be the thoughts that are bouncing around in my head and my daily adventures.  it just may be about life, kids, relationships, daily triumphs and struggles, my faith and relationship with God!