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so, i stopped at a red light. there are three vehicles in front of me. the two in front, side by side, have pvc (palm valley church) stickers. the one directly in front of me does not. i have one as well.

do you think God was trying to give him a hint? or….me?


well, guess what isabel’s (4) bedtime song was…no, not Jesus loves me like i started. how about mama mia. yes that is what she requested! so that is what i sang, on top of her bed with my fake, air microphone & wearing my silver platform boots (in my head, i don’t really have them).

mama mia, here i go again
my, my how can i resist you?..
mama mia does it show again
my, my just how much i’ve missed you?

i think she has an “auntie” that has influenced her.

ths same day the kid at starbucks called me ma’am, i had to explain to my that i knew who the ramones are – she has a clock in her room. i went on to tell her i saw the ramones at the hollywood palladium – when joey ramone was alive(duh). i should have kept my mouth shut. it was one of those times…the more i talked, the more i should have been quiet.
talk about feeling old!

God – my relationship with…an understanding of a commitment. learning that when i ask, i have to accept the answer (yes, no, maybe so). when i say i will, i better be ready to do.

my husband – together discovering a “whole nudda level” of love. faith in one another.

children – over abundance of love. new found patience and understanding. lots of pure joy!

family / friends – comforting, uplifting, forgiving!…

the opportunities that i have “to do work son”; not my mine, but His.